Exhibition Patin Sailing

Patin a vela

(30/10/2013 – 09/03/2014)

20140515 exhibition

The exhibition consists of photos and panels that tell the history of the Catalan ‘patí de vela’ from its origin to the present, underlining its evolution over the years. Since its creation the patin took more and more importance on our beaches. What began as a rudimentary boat, today it’s an economic catamaran with many advantages towards other sailing boats. Its main feature is to have no rudder or sword that helps maintain the stability of the vessel, which are essential elements for navigation. This makes the patin perfect for navigating along the coast.

The exhibition also presents four patin and other items from the collections of ‘el Museu Marítim’, as well as recording images from 1945 given by the Spanish Film Library.

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