Some testimonials of Patinsailers

Klaas Decuypere – 37 years old – executive
Patin n° 2558 – Guga
It takes two to tango. That goes for Patin sailing too. Indeed, you do not sail alone: you and your boat together have to anticipate the wind, the currents and the waves. And after 10 years of multi-hull this meant a change in my “mindset” as sailor. The boat appears to be simple, but you cannot fathom it just like that. The boat and the sailor have to look together for the ideal combined action. A captivating search, as far as I’m concerned. Add to all of this the sporting atmosphere on the water and the enjoyable ambiance on the beach and the hobby is complete. If only I had more time to practise it …

from programm Eur. Champ. by NOSEPASA

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