Some testimonials of Patinsailers

Hans Dejonckheere – 39 years old – entrepreneur and Patin importer
Patin n° 2963 – Marinero

I’m a fish, but especially a water man. Water is a need in my way of life.

And the sea…, it gives me the freedom of water.

Together with, just above the sea, the air, endless and weightless, which becomes powerful with the wind. As the sea, the air and the wind play together and fuse, so I become one with my Patin, and feel the softness of the water around me, the strength of the waves, the airstream along my skin and the speed of the wind that pushes me on.

In such a way that I even become weightless as my Patin glides over water and air, along with the wind.

And then, I didn’t tell you anything yet on the friendship among kindred Patinists to share that intense passion….That’s Patinlife.

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