Some testimonials of Patinsailers

Jürgen Van Cauwenberge –   – 46 years old – Captain in the merchant navy, pilot
Patin n° 2885 – Orange Rover
After having sailed number of leeboard boats and other catamarans, I put the helm over, even threw it away completely and I now enjoy myself to my hearts’ content when sailing my elegant Patin. In spite of everything, this is often accompanied by a heavy curse, as it is a real challenge to learn how to sail this rudderless, simply rigged Patin and to get acquainted with all of its strange quirks. Therefore, it took years to build a good relationship with this whimsical boat, and it will take many more years before we will fully understand one another. If we add our local ingredient to this all, that is to say North Sea conditions (extremely variable wind, waves and currents), we get a marvellous cocktail with an ever-changing character… in short, Patin sailing is a fascinating never ending story…

from programm Eur. Champ. by NOSEPASA

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