Some testimonials of Patinsailers

Paul Schumacher – 45 years old 
Patin n° 2675 – Q-l’eau
The little sailing experience I have (windsurfing, dart, 43/47-footer) is not that bad a basis to ventilate a thorough finding on the PATIN.
The trim possibilities on the Patin are immense, although it only has 6 lines and 1 mainsheet. This makes that the lesser gods (among which me) now and then make a good impression during a regatta. Completely by accident and averse from all Patin knowledge. The day that I will fully understand that boat and that I have complete control over it, I know that I will make many mainsail trimmers blush. Really outstanding, those Patins.

from programm Eur. Champ. by NOSEPASA

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