Some testimonials of Patinsailers

Gert Lerno – 47 years old – physician
Patin n° 2877 – Twiedekker
The Patin fascinates every one who sees it. The finishing – the simplicity of the shapes and the materials used – the light sail – only a mainsheet to sail the boat. The fascination turns into admiration when one sees the Patin sailing: sliding elegantly, one hull slightly lifted, with a slanting mast and a belly sail.  But only those who actually sail the Patin really experience the ecstasies: man and boat together in perfect balance, leaving behind two small trails in the wake. If you can share all this with the compañeros, during a regatta or a training session under perfect conditions, you are really a very happy man.

from programm Eur. Champ. by NOSEPASA

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