Some testimonials of Patinsailers

Herwig Vanbesien – 47 years old – bank manager
Patin n° 2810 – Ad Fundum
A Patin is so much more than just the boat. As one-time non-sailor, it was a revelation; the intensity of sailing makes me forget all stress and pressure. Buying a Patin not only means that you become the owner of a sailing boat, it especially means companionship, fellowship, events, contests, a new life … .

The direct contact with the sea is so much more intensive than when strolling along the water line. Sailing under the setting sun, a sea-gull going into a nose dive beside your Patin, or an encounter with sea hogs…. Patin sailing never leaves you untouched.

from programm Eur. Champ. by NOSEPASA

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